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Set the mood to your wedding with the beautiful sound of solo violin! Kelsey will perform classical and popular favorites as your guests arrive and are seated for the ceremony.  

Processional music is played for family, wedding party, and bride/groom. 

Recessional music is played at the end of the ceremony until guests leave the ceremony location. 


Other opportunities for music during the ceremony include interlude and communion.  

Need microphones for your officiant? Kelsey can provide one for the ceremony! 



Cocktail hour music is a great way to set the mood before the  reception and get the party going!  Upbeat popular music  both old and new as well as other styles of music i.e jazz, standards, country can be played. 

"Our music selection was contemporary. Think about songs you would hear on the radio . A little something for everyone. It put a smile on my face when I would see someone hear the melody, recognize the song being played on the violin and start to quietly sing along with the music. Summary: Could I imagine our wedding without Kelsey? Of course, the only person I *needed* to be there was my bride. But what Kelsey brought to the wedding was a unique, memorable and lasting experience for everyone and given the opportunity I would hire her again in an instant" 

Have song requests? 

Kelsey can learn new songs to create the perfect set list for you event! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of music should I choose for my ceremony?
A: The type of music you choose for your ceremony depends on your personal preference and the overall theme of your wedding. You can opt for traditional classical music or choose more contemporary songs that hold special meaning to and your partner.

Q: How many songs do I need for my ceremony?
A: Typically, you will need music for the prelude, processional, recessional, and postlude. However, the number of songs you choose to include in each category is entirely up to you. Some couples provide Kelsey with a complete song list, others have given Kelsey some ideas of what they would like played!


Q: I have an outside ceremony, how does it  effect the sound? 

A: For all outside ceremonies the violin is amplified with a speaker and microphone. If needed Kelsey can also mic up the officiant.  

Q: Can I request a specific song for my ceremony?
A: Absolutely! If there is a specific song that holds special meaning to you and your partner, you can request it to be played during your ceremony. Typically songs with more melody work better for solo violin. 


Now booking for weddings for 2020-2021!
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Wedding Ceremony Music 

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